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Let me tell you about our exhibition of two alternative diaries.

A friend of mine, Andrea Rubinstein lived in London for more than a year. There she made a lot of pictures with her iPhone, collected invitations from exhibitions, ads, things, that normally we would throw away. I did the same thing without knowing about her idea of this exhibition. Than she came home, we've met for a cup of coffee and she began to tell me about how she would like to expose these things. We realized, that we've made the same thing for a year without talking to each other :)

So we've found the perfect place for it, a great pub: Moszkva Caffe. They allowed us change the entire space. We worked there, or I think I can say that we practically  lived there for two weeks. And we managed to create a cozy room, separated in two, with pictures, messages, tickets, coffee coasters, tables, chairs, candles and a few personal objects. The opening was on 30th march 2012 and I think I can say that it was a real success.
We're glad that so many people came, and we've got really good feedback.
So, here are some pictures and the first opinion about our exhibition:……
Can't wait to buy the newspaper too…

Another friend of mine made a video too, I'll upload it in a few days :)
hi everyone,

i'm really exited about my new exhibition :dance: it is in Sweden, in Växjö at a Japanese Restaurant called Maido. Today was the opening, and we already sold 3 artworks :w00t:
Here is the page of the exhibition :) I will upload some images too.…

And here is my FaceBook fanpage:…

watch it, LIKE it :)

And happy Holidays to you all :D :dance:
Hi everyone,

We are working on our first interactive children's book: My polka dotted pig. This book will be released in not less then six different languages (english, swedish, hungarian, german, spanish and french)
We've already created a facebook fanpage for it, so You're welcome to LIKE it :D :dance: we really hope that you're going to ;)!/pages/Min-…
Hi everyone :)

After a long summer YayArt announced the winners of YayArt Classic! And I'm one of them :D :D :D :w00t: :dance:
So BIG YAY for YayArt, and thanks everyone for the votes :D :clap: :nod:
hi everyone,

I just came home from Balatonederics, where the art camp was organized.
2 weeks of sun, heat, water, playing in the water (almost learned to swim), painting, and lots of great local wine :)
Here's a little video made at the camp and at the exhibition - on 14th july. It's made by the local tv channel, so it's in hungarian, still you can see the great works  :)…

hope you'll like it :) :dance:

and hopefully I'll go next year too :D :w00t:
Hi everyone :)

Tomorrow early in the morning i'll be heading to the Balaton (Hungary) for 2 weeks. I was invited to take part at this ArtCamp they organize every year. At the end of it there will be an exhibition too :w00t:

So wish me luck :D I'm really excited about this :)

Kind regards to You all :dance:
hi there :)

sorry for not writing 'till now :P
i've got back from Sweden, the exhibition was great, i've got lots of positive feedback on my paintings :D i really didn't expect such a success :) :dance:

it was really great :D
and i've been invited for the next year too :D

kind regards to you all :w00t:

I would like to share with you that I'll have an exhibition, on 6th may , in Tångagärde | HÖKERUM | Sweden.
I will expose 25 watercolors, you've seen them all, here on DA.  And I'm really excited about this exhibition  :dance: because it's my first one abroad :D

So wish me luck :D
hi everyone :)

look what i've just found on 'Design you trust':…

it's really great to find your work featured :D :dance:
.... well, i don't know, where should i begin :D
i'm just really happy. yesterday i uploaded a new watercolor of mine. and about 10 minutes later i've receved a lot of comments and :+fav:s :D and this morning, another 300 notifications :) this watercolor had the most pageviews, the most :+fav:s and the most comments 'till now. and just in 2 days :D
i'm in the most popular of the last 24 hours, on the first page :w00t:
it's something new for me ... :)